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From: Ham Barker
Subject: Exploits Of Mick Gay/incest/urinationMick lay back placing his hands beneath his head as he looked at the naked
man on Lolitas Art Pthc the other side of the room,he was holding the boy off the floor with
the boy wrapping his legs around the mans waist,his arms around his neck,as
he buried his face in the hollow of the mans shoulder.
The cheeks of the boys ass were spread wide as the ten inch cock slid up
inside his ass,engulfing every inch.It was quite a contrast,the boys smooth naked body against the dark hairy
body of the man who had buldging muscles everywhere,even in the cheeks of
his ass.
Then as the boy raised his head and the man pressed his mouth to his,the
cock began to move in and out of the tight young male pussy it had envaded.The boy had quite a nice cock of his own for his age and Mick could see just
the head as it spit pre cum.
Mick could remember his first time with the man,it seemed so long ago but
was just a short time back.The man was his neighbor and they had became good
friends,his dad had been delighted when his neighbor took to his son so
well.Several time’s when his dad was at work he would join Joe on his patio and
share a soda with him as they talked about everyday things.
Then one evening his dad had been called out of town leaving Mick to fend
for himself but had Lolitas Art Pthc asked Joe to keep and eye on him.It was the first time he had seen Joe drink a beer and to his surprise the
man offered him one on the condition he did not tell his dad.
Mick liked the beer and was soon drinking another when the conversation
turned to girls.
“You ever been with a girl Mick?”He started to lie but changed his mind and said no.
“How about another boy,ever had sex with one?”
“Gosh no Joe,how come you asked something like that?”
“Hey nothing wrong with that,boys need love to.”He said,laughing.”Yeah?You ever been with another guy?”
“Sure,lots of times,but that’s just between you and me Mick,remember that.”
“I’d never tell anything you told me Joe,honest.”
“I know ya wouldn’t boy,your my main guy.”he said,laughing again as he
mussed my hair.”Whats it like Joe,being with another guy I mean.”
“Well,it’s a Lolitas Art Pthc beautiful feeling Mick,more love than I ever get with a woman.”
“You still do it with women though?”
“Oh yeah,but I really like sex with men,boys especially.”You mean boys like me?”
“Yeah Mick,boys just like you.”He said,smiling.
“Here,I have something I want you to see,but as I said,it’s just between you
and me,ok?”
“Sure Joe.”He had a whole album of pictures of him and other men,but what caught Micks
eye was the ones showing him with boys.
In some he was sucking them and others they were sucking him,but what
fasinated Mick were the ones where Joe had his dick up the boys ass.Joe must have noticed him staring at the picture and said,
“Ever see an ass as lovely as that?”
“I guess,I just never paid attention to ass on guys before,who is he?”
“Just a lad who lives across town.He does have a nice ass but I’ll bet yours
is just a nice Mick.”"Naw,my dad always say’s I’m built like a girl.”
“Your dads right,thats why I said you probably have a nice ass,would you
mind showing me?”
His hand had already began to caress his crotch and Mick had made no move to
stop him,he wanted him to to rub it a lot more.”You mean right here?”
“Sure,why not,no one here but us.”
“I don’t know Joe,you just want to look at it is all?”
“Just look,that is unless you think you want me to do more.”"I don’t thimk so but I’ll let you see it if you want.
“Good,here,let me help you.”He undone Micks pants and slid them down his
legs along with his shorts and he stepped out of them.
Joe began undoing his shirt and Mick started to stop him but then the feel
of the mans hand on his hard dick caused him to let him continue on.Joe got up and took Micks hand as he said,
“Come over here Mick.”And led him to the lounge.
As he sat down he told him to turn around so he could admire his ass.
“You do have a fine Lolitas Art Pthc
ass Mick,even better than Lonnies.”
Mick felt Joes hands first then his wet lips as he kissed the cheeks of his
ass.Then he lay back on the lounge and had Mick set on his chest,when he was
settled Joe took his dick in his mouth as Mick stared down at him,amazed by
this big brute of a man sucking his cock.
As Joe bobbed his head sucking his dick,Mick looked back and saw that Joes
pants were down also and he was kicking them free from his legs,his cock
sticking straight up in the air.Mick licked his lips as he reach back and took hold of the big dick,it was
about six inches long and thick as he began to stroke it,he had never done
that for anyone before.
He could feel Joes hands opening the crack of his ass and then something
cool filled his ass hole.A big finger stabbed his ass and made it sting at first then it was rotating
in circles as another one joined the first.
This went on for several minutes and Mick was really worked up by now and
when Joe removed his mouth from his cock he moaned,he wanted him to suck him
forever.The big hands were lifting his ass now moving him back till he felt the head
of the big cock between his cheeks.
Mick realized what was about to happen and tried moving forward but Joe held
his ass tight as he raised up causing the head of the cock to stretch Micks
ass open and pop inside.He had to admit it hurt like hell till the cock was inside him all the
way,butJoe stopped till the pain subsided then began to hunch up and down as
he took Micks cherry.
In no time Mick was caught up in the lust and was enjoying every inch of
dick that splayed him open.Just before Joe come,he took Micks cock back in his mouth and sucked him to
a climax as he shot his load.
Joe fucked Mick twice that day and has been fucking him ever since.
Now he was laying there naked watching as he took another boy he had set up
for Joe.The boys head hung down between Joes legs now,as he looked between his own.
Joe had his arms around the boy’s waist,holding him upside down and spit
between the boys cheeks’The boys ass was was a lovely sight as it stuck straight up in the air and
Mick watched as Joe buried his mouth between the cheeks as he rimmed the
boys sweet ass.
The boy had turned his head sideways and was kissing the head of Joes dick.Mick knew how great that tasted,he had been eating ass for sometime now and
loved it.He would eat this boys after Joe had filled it with a few more
loads of creamy cum.
He knew also that he would be shaving the hair from around the boys
cock,just as he had his own.Micks eyes moved to the door as it opened,remaining on the naked figure
moving slowly towards where he lay.
His legs were lifted high as his ass was pulled close to the edge of the
bed,then his legs were placed over the persons shoulders as a huge long fat
cock slid gently between his cheeks an up his love hole till their bodies
met and he smiled lovingly into the eyes of his dad.He smiled as he saw Joe walking toward them,still holding the boy upside
down as he walked.
His dad turned his head and the two men kissed while one fucked and the
other recieved a blow job.Joe then turned the boy setting him on the bed with the boys back to him.He
then grasped both sies of the boys face bending his head back as he slid his
slavia covered dick over the boys nose and into his mouth.
Mick and his dad watched as Joe gently filled the boys throat with his thick
cock.The boy accepted him with ease but soon tears were running from his eyes and
just before he would have choked Joe removed the cock,allowed him to gasp
air then once again slid his dick down inside the boys throat,face fucking
him.He had taught Mick how to deep throat also and he loved doing it for the two
Micks legs had been lowered and bent back beside his head as his dad lay on
top of him,his cock still moving in and out of Lolitas Art Pthc
his ass slowly.Their lips found one another,locking in a lovers kiss as they sampled one
anothers tongue and spit.
His dad then moved his mouth to Micks nipples sucking and biting,making the
boy groan with sexual excitement.His arms were raised as his dad began licking and kissing his arm pitts,now
and then taking the soft skin between his teeth and pulling gently.
Mick locked his legs around his dads chest as he hunched his ass to meet his
thrusts,clamping his rectum muscle around his cock.His dad began to hunch faster now,faster and faster as he slid his hands
beneath his sons shoulders pulling down each time he thrust his cock home.
Mick held his dads head as he covered his mouth with his own,moaning from
what was about to happen.Both father and son moaned as their cocks erupted,fathers up his sons ass
and son blowing cream over his belly.
Once his dad had caught his breath he licked Micks belly free of cum then
once again began to kiss him.Joe had shot his load in the other boys ass and was licking his crack clean
as Micks dad kissed him one last time and stood up.
Then without a word both men were in each others arms kissing before arm and
arm they left the room,leaving the two boys to themselves.Mick rolled over and kissed Lonnie on the mouth as he fingered the boys
Tim knew what Mick wanted and rolled over on his belly,the cheeks of his
sweet rounded ass protruding upward.Mick parted the boys cheeks and began sucking hard on his ass hole as he
dipped his tongue in and out,tasting the clobs of cum Joe had filled it
Once he had sucked out all he could get,the two boys went to a sixty nine
and sucked one another to a climax before going to clean up.”Has he asked you to do it yet?”Mick Lolitas Art Pthc asked later.
“Do what?.”
“The scat thing.”
“No,he never mentioned it.”
“He will,think you can do it?”
“I’m looking forward to it.Did you like doing it for him?”
“Anything Joe or my dad asks of me I’ll do,I like making them happy.”It was a few weeks later when Joe asked him for a favor,there was a boy a
few blocks Lolitas Art Pthc over he had a strong desire for and he wanted to enlist Micks
“The McCracken kid,you know him?”Yeah,I’ve talked to him a few times at school,nice guy but he takes a lot
of crap at school because of his feminine actions,but I suppose thats why I
like him.”
“Think he might come around?”
“I can find out Joe,you in a hurry?”"No,don’t push it,just feel him out awhile.”
“He will probably be at the game tonight,I’ll check it out.”
“I know a guy who would love to take you to bed sport,you enterested?”
“Maybe,someone close by?”
“Yeah,Morris,a few blokes down,know him?”"Seen him a couple times,an older man right?”
Older than your dad and I but I can tell you,the guy has a dick like a
horse,so be fore warned boy.”
A tingle ran through Mick as he compteplated the size of the mans cock,Joe
never lied about anything,especially something like that.”Any certain time?”
“I’ll let you know after I talk with him,your gonna enjoy him Mick.”
“Sounds good to me,oh,by the way,I talked with Lonnie about the scat
thing,he’s all for Lolitas Art Pthc it when ever you want him to be here.”
“Damm yes,been wanting some of his for a long time,thanks Mick,I’ll let you
know about Morris.”
Before cleaning up Mick called Stacy and asked if he was going to the game.
“yeah,I guess,why?”
“Just thought I would come by and we could walk over together if you want.”"Yeah Mick,I’d like that,wanna leave about six thrity?”
“I’ll be there buddy,bye.”
As he showered that night Mick thought about old man Morris and his stud
cock,just thinking of it made him have gosse bumps all over.Mick and Stacy walked to the school,watched the game and seemed to hit it
off rather well.
Mick caught himself looking at the other boy in a new light,he even begin to
have feelings for him.When Mick suggested they cut through the park he knew he had made up his
mind before they had left the school.
Half way through the park they came across a picnic table that was partially
lit by a lamp post.”lets set awhile Stacy,man how about that Roy,wasn’t he something tonight?”
“Yeah,he was that alright,he was all over the place.”
Mick felt his heart beating a bit faster as Stay’s body touched his.What was the matter with him,hell he had been with other boys before.
He had stopped unknownly and Stacy turned to look at him.Their eyes locked
as Mick stepped up to him taking him in his arms.
Stacy never pulled away as their lips met in a lovers kiss.”No Mick,don’t.We shouldn’t do this.”
“Hush Stacy,you want me as much as I want you,I can feel it.”Mick said
before kissing him again.
Stacy was returning the kiss now as he muttered against Micks open mouth.
“But we could get caught Mick.”"Don’t talk Stacy.”Mick whispered as his hands ran over the boys body.By
then he had Stacy’ shirt lifted up over his nipples and was sucking first
one then the other as the boy moaned rubbing Micks head.Micks hand moved to
the boys pants and shoved them down over his hips,making them fall around
his feet,his hand finding the boys cock.”Oh Mick,we better stop now or we won’t be able to.”Stacy moaned.
Mick quickly stripped the boys clothes off then removed his own as he lay
him back on the table and he began kissing every inch of his body.When he
came to his rock hard dick he slowly took the whole shaft in his hungry
mouth and sucked with joy.He could feel the other boys body quiver as he sucked Lolitas Art Pthc his dick and worked a
finger up his ass.
The finger went in with ease and a light went off in Micks brain.
“You ever had sex with another guy Stacy?”
“Oh,Mick,you know I have,you can Lolitas Art Pthc
tell by your finger.”"Was it another boy at school?”
“No,don’t ask me anymore Mick because I can’t tell you,please.”
Mick let it go for now as he raised Stacys legs up then spit slaiva in his
hand till he had a good Lolitas Art Pthc
handful and rubbed his cock and worked some up his
Stacy’s pussy.Stacy had his legs over Micks shoulders as the cock slid up his love hole
with ease.
It was a beautiful sight to see,two hansome boys naked on a picnic table
with the light ilumanating their naked bodies as ones ass hunched back and
forth as though he were fucking his Lolitas Art Pthc girl.Mick lay forward finding Stacy’s mouth with his as the two kissed and
swapped tongues.
Mick Lolitas Art Pthc would fuck awhile then take a deep breath,trying to hold back but
finally had to give in to his arousal,groaning as he shot the other boys ass
full of his warm,silky cream.After getting his breath back he removed his cock and slid down Stacy’s body
once again engulfing his cock sucking him to a climax and eating his cum.
He never stopped there but again buried his dick up that sweet ass and
fucked him all over again.He had just removed his dick and helped Stasy up when they heard voices and
quickly grabbed their clothes,moving back behind the trees.
There was two black guys and a Lolitas Art Pthc girl walking up the path giggling as one of
the guys removed her top exposing a pair of rounded tits.”Theres a table Ty,take her over there.”
Mick and Stacy held their breath as the two guys pulled the girl across the
grass to the table.She faught them as they tried to undress her but she was
no match for the two.She was still begging as one guy held her legs open wide and entered her
with his huge cock.
They other guy had his dick out also and held her jaws open as he forced his
dick in her mouth.Mick nor Stacy had ever seen a naked black girl before and both were amazed
at the beauty of her body.
The one between her legs was showing her no mercy as he rammed his big black
meat up her pussy rapidly like a piston as the other face fucked her making
her gag each time he tried getting it down her throat.Both the boys had rock hard cocks by now and Mick,moved on the excitement of
the moment was bending over in front of Stacy.
It took the boy a few seconds to understand then he quickly shoved his cock
up Micks ass as he held him by his hips.The guys fucking the girl made a growling sound then rammed his cock home
holding Lolitas Art Pthc it buried inside the girl as he shot his wad.
The other took the cue filling her pretty mouth with his cream.
The girl must have passed out because she never moved after they had put
their dicks away.”Hey man,let the bitch lay,she’ll wake up later,she always does.”
“Hell man,maybe we should bring her around and take her back.
“Fuck that shit man,come on now,hear what I’m sayin.”
They left and Mick pushed Stacy back then walked out to where the girl lay.”Hey Stacy,put you cock in her pussy and finish coming.”
“You first Mick,you thought of it.”
Mick stepped between her legs then on second though knelt and kissed her
still swollen pussy tasting the guys cum as he held her lips open and sucked
her pussy before standing and burying his cock inside her.Her pussy was jucy and warm and he was soon spewing his load inside her then
stepped back as Stacy took his place.
It was the first pussy either boy had ever stuck his cock in,it was quite a
first for the two of them.They dressed then put the girls clothes on her before waking her up.
Then they walked her back to the other end of the park and went their own
It was a night they both would remember for the rest of their lives,Joe was
going to love this kid.Mick had invited Stacy over the following week end and had talked to Joe
before hand.
The two swam awhile then Mick mentioned walking down to his neighbors where
he could get them a beer.Stacy was all for that,he said he had only tasted
it once when he snuck some of his dads.Joe was on the patio as the boys walked around back and through the gate in
their swin trunks.
Mick entroduced them as Joe opened each a cold beer,he could tell Joe liked
what he saw,liked it a lot.And why not,Stacy had quite an ass on him and his
tight trunks made it even sexier.As they sat drinking thier third beer Mick excused himself and went inside.
He peeked through the window,watching Joe do his thing with Stacy who was
feeling pretty good by now.They were setting facing one another as Joe talked and began rubbing Stacy’s
enner thighs gently.The window was up and he could hear every word they
“You have a fine body there Stacy,anyone ever told you that?”
“Sure, a few times.”Joe leaned forward and kissed the smooth skin of Stacys thigh as he
continued rubbing the other closer to his crotch.
“I have to pee really bad Joe,wheres your bathroom?”
“Right here buddy,”Joe said as he smiled at the boy.
“What?”Stacy said.Joe pointed ot his mouth and repeated himself.
“You can piss in my mouth Stacy,no need to go all the way inside.”
“Your kidding me aren’t you.”Stacy said,smiling.
“Not at all buddy,I’d love to drink your piss anytime.”By then Joe had began to work Stacy’s suit down around his hips exposing his
He helped the boy to stand then knelt before him holding his cock just above
his open mouth and waited till Stacy finally began his stream.Mick could almost taste it as he watched Joe gulp it down as Stacy closed
his eyes and sighed softly.
Once the last drops squirted from the dick Joe began to suck it,much to
Stacy’s delight.In no time Joe had a lubed finger up the boys sweet ass finger fucking him
while he sucked his meat.
By now Mick had removed his suit and was stroking his cock as he watched the
scene before him.When Joe felt the boy getting ready to come he stopped sucking him and
turned him around placing him on his belly over the table before parting his
cheeks and eating his ass like it was his lunch lunch.As he ate Stacy’s ass
Mick joined them.Just as Joe enserted his big cock up the boys male pussy Mick stood in front
of Stacy and proceeded to drench his head in piss before filling the boys
mouth with his cock.
As he face fucked him and Joe worked his ass over they kissed and swapped
tongues.Mick could tell Joe was enjoying the tight ass his cock was buried
in,enjoying it to Lolitas Art Pthc the point that Mick knew Stacy was going to have one sore
ass before it ended.
It was obvious Stay was in his glory as he sucked Micks dick while he
wiggled his ass for Joe.He was thinking of how good this friendship was going to be when he shot his
wad in Stacy’s mouth,almost at the same time Joe come in the boys male cunt.
Only thing was,he was going to have to start Lolitas Art Pthc
thinking of someone new for
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